Biela (~white) chairs create a monolithic, uniform, yet airy impression. Their shape provides great strength, and is also aesthetically unique. The chairs are available in a dining chair and a more laid-back easychair variant with shallower angles.

Made out of 9 mm thick, stone-like white KRION solid surface material, to which no stain can adhere, Biela is just as well suited for outdoor use and wet environments as any indoor setting. The material is also UV resistant, therefore even long term exposure to the sun can not weaken it. Solid surface materials so far has not been often utilized to make chairs, thus providing never before seen qualities.

A drain hole is placed on the intersection of the seatpan and the backrest to allow the rain water to drip away. The weight of the chair is 12 kgs, which is still portable enough, but the wind can not topple it over.

Designed by
Andras Kerekgyarto

Hungarian Design Award 2015

„ … reflects elegant harmony, is made of high quality material, and is marked by a high standard design. The shell is thin enough to lend it a refined and graceful appearance, while thick enough to convince users of its firmness, safety and stability.”

(Jury statement)

The Biela chairs were awarded the most prestigeous prize of hungarian design, the Hungarian Design Award. The aim of the competition is to award outstanding achievements of Hungarian design. In connection with the award the chairs are exhibited at the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts.

Side tables

The Biela side tables fit the chairs in their shaping, character and their production technolgy as well, they are also made of solid surface material with thermoforming. The table surface is very resistant similar to the chairs’, therefore they can accompany them both in- and outdoors. The tables are available with 3- or 4 sides in 3- or 4 person versions.

Biela Side Table for 3 person

Biela Side Table for 4 person

 The designer

András Kerékgyártó, the designer of the chairs studied furniture design both in Hungary and Finland – where design has deep roots. As a Central European he had an outsider’s view on the Scandinavian design and it mixed with his own cultural background, he brought from his home country. This interesting mixture can be witnessed in all of his works, that’s what makes them characteristic and recognizable.

The manufacturer

Nezozen Kft., the manufacturer is a company near Budapest, Hungary involved in processing and shaping of the KRION material and other CNC-works. The enterprise is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, openness and a deep understanding of the design aspects of a project. They carry out very challenging tasks in great numbers, often which are deemed too complicated by other players on the field.

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